Greener than Intended

Did you know a vehicle can be condemned?! I certainly had no idea, until I got that lovely call from my mechanic. We’d only had our (very old) 4Runner for a couple of years. She must have started rusting years ago, and we never knew. By the time it was noticed, a soft spot as … More Greener than Intended

On Track for Summer “Break”

I seem to have taken a break before Summer! We’re still here! We’re finally wrapping up the school year. The last couple months have been rough, but we seem to have survived! As the Yuppie Boy prepares for Jr. High next year, I am seeing a long summer of practicing ahead of us. He has … More On Track for Summer “Break”

Pray For Bowling Green

Really. REALLY?!?! I don’t think I have anything else to say. #AlternativeFacts Available at:¬†

Where to Give?

We set up a space to sell some of our designs! I don’t mean for them to be quite to politically focused, but it’s hard not to think about these days. YuppieHubby and I have been talking a lot about where to donate a majority of proceeds on these political pieces, but haven’t made up … More Where to Give?

Make A Difference

It’s hard not to get completely weighed down by negativity and despair these days. At least, for someone like me, that never wanted anything even close to what is happening to … well … happen. And yet, here we are. I am glad that we are reawakened to things that matter, but am shocked that … More Make A Difference