Meal Planning Basics

Years ago, when we started growing our family faster than our paychecks, we forced ourselves to stop eating out. It was natural for Yuppie Hubby. Outside of his first month with turmeric, he was a natural chef. I took more convincing. And practice. In the beginning, I thought I needed to make something every night. So while … More Meal Planning Basics

White Chicken Chili

We still have plenty of winter left for more SOUPS! Chili is perfect for these cold nights, but the standard beef and beans versions weigh me down a bit too much. White Chicken Chili is the perfect middle ground. Every good soup should start with three things: your favorite oil, onion, and garlic! My favorite … More White Chicken Chili


We’ve been making a lot of soups this winter, and they don’t seem to ever fail! I’m convinced, it’s all about using fresh ingredients that you love. And wine. The beauty of a soup starts at the base. Too often, stock is isolated as the make-or-break in a good pot of soup. I think it … More Deglazing