Love You!

Happy Valentine’s Day! We love having you here and sharing in our passions! So we’ve made you a coloring page, to continue Spreading the Love! Click here to download love for free! We are also offering a 20% discount off our entire Spread the Love collection of shirts and sweatshirts! Use “LOVEYOU” at checkout! Today only!!

Save our Earth

This may be my favorite coloring page I’ve created. It’s so much fun to see how everyone interprets it differently. Show us what you see by downloading, coloring, and posting in the comments! I’ll follow up to share with you what I mean by those different interpretations! Download here: earth

Make A Difference

It’s hard not to get completely weighed down by negativity and despair these days. At least, for someone like me, that never wanted anything even close to what is happening to … well … happen. And yet, here we are. I am glad that we are reawakened to things that matter, but am shocked that … More Make A Difference


Today, things are changing. Whether we want them to, or not. So today, I am holding on tightly to what I can control in myself: hope. I hope that we are able to find common grounds. I hope that we are able to support and love each other. I hope that we can be kind. … More Hope