Greener than Intended

Did you know a vehicle can be condemned?! I certainly had no idea, until I got that lovely call from my mechanic.

We’d only had our (very old) 4Runner for a couple of years. She must have started rusting years ago, and we never knew. By the time it was noticed, a soft spot as big as my mechanic’s fist went through the frame. We weren’t allowed to drive her home.

She was towed home last night, and claimed a spot in the driveway. If my neighbors knew she was “broken down,” I’d probably be kicked out of town. Our McMansions cannot be cluttered with crap. I think that’s actually written in the city bylaws.

While we’re trying to figure out what to do next, I’ve gone to a whole new shade of green. I may actually be Neon, riding around on this:

Temporary Vehicle

I never intended on doing anything with this bike other than cruising trails, which is why I didn’t care that there are NO GEARS. And while Kansas isn’t exactly known for it’s mountain ranges, we do have some fabulously fluffy hills.

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We believe we’ve narrowed down the make/model of our future-new-to-us-vehicle, but haven’t found the one we want just yet. … More on that hopefully soon!


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