On Track for Summer “Break”

I seem to have taken a break before Summer! We’re still here!

We’re finally wrapping up the school year. The last couple months have been rough, but we seem to have survived! As the Yuppie Boy prepares for Jr. High next year, I am seeing a long summer of practicing ahead of us.

He has a few extra challenges in his day that we’re continuing to work on over the “break.” Time management and organization are perhaps his biggest challenges to overcome. The act of packing up a backpack and moving from one room to another currently seems nearly impossible. So, while most kids are kicking back, mine will be on a schedule that requires him to pack up and change locations at different times.

Points are earned across categories in each task, and the percentage of the total of those points earned determines what he can choose to do in his “free time.”

Daily Chart

This system was invented by his AMAZING teacher for him this year (a part of his Individualized Education Plan, or IEP). It’s worked well, and will be continued at his next school. We’ve just adapted it to our summer.

Hippie Girl doesn’t need as much structure, but I still don’t want her to slack off completely! I made this list last year, and it worked great! I’ll adjust it to the subjects she will need more help with this summer, based on her final report card.

2016 Summer List

What do your kids do over the summer break?

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